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A question of size

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I'll be running 32" tires. What gears will the old Renix 4.0/auto be comfortable with? I'd rather go a bit low in case I run 33's in the future.


Will a D35 from a YJ bolt in to replace the 35 I have now? Might be able to find one already geared that has been yanked in favor of something stronger.

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3.73 - 4.56 for 33's would be tits :cheers:


I think anything above or below would be too much or too little.


A buddy of mine has 3.73's and 33's, great for wheeling but not the best off the line ;)

I've got 4.56's and 35's...it ain't that bad... :chillin:

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I'm debating on 3.73 or 4.10 righ tnow as my 89 will be the commute truck from here to whitewater (45 min.) for school and will still regularly see highway travel.


3.73 sounds best to me...


what size tires?

3.73 has turned out to be a great highway gear comprimise.

my junk get's 22 on the highway loaded for weekend wheeling with the street 31's on it.


it's a bit lacking on the trail with 34's, I wish I had 4.56's then, but it's not terribly bad, I don't abuse the clutch that much.

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To me gear selection is partly bassed on driving style, and needs for fuel economy. Also it helps to keep your motor in the peak power range for your tires. I always say go bigger/deeper. I say 4.56's or 4.88's that way when inchitis hits you wil be set for gears

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I went for a cruise tonite & noticed it is pretty doggy taking off with the 3.55's & "215's". I'm leaning more toward 4.56's now since I will mostly drive short trips & would like the added acceleration. It's not going to be a daily driver. More like a "whenever I feel like it" driver, so I ain't TOO worried about mileage.

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