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so i decided to try out iron man 4x4 fab


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placed my order yesterday, seems like some quality stuff,

may be a little over priced but it stands out from all the other brands

CAD currency exchange rates were brutal and i paid a bunch extra 



went with the steering box brace/support with sector shaft support, and track bar, frame brace and track bar bracket. 

i already had all of this except my steering box brace didnt have box support or sector shaft support.

and my track bar was shot and track bar brace cracked in half


note, this is not my rig. only photos i have of the setup ATM


everything in blue besides pitman arm




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Everyone who has his products I've never heard a complain...

The steering box brace looks very stout that's the 2nd one I've seen that braces the complete front part of the chassis and not a bar going across the chassis...


Here's the other one I've seen...



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