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1990 short bed resto; TDi, 3-link, coilovers, doubler, JK axles

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This isn't really a build thread so much as a journal.  I posted up as many of the old pictures I've got from over the years.  Its been a great little truck and has many memories attached to it.


TDi swap, frame stiffening stuff begins on page 5, three-link stuff begins on page 6.

Keep in mind that I am updating this thread as I progress.


Got her in October of '07 from another CC member: KYMJ



A nice, rust-free, 4x4 MJ with all the right stuff for a good price.  Had to jump on it!



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Ye olde original engine was on it's last legs so I picked up a ~50k H.O. engine from a '95 XJ.  I changed every gasket on it before swapping it.












After!  I ended up modifying the Renix intake to work with the H.O. head and exhaust manifold.  All it took was an EGR delete plate and welded-shut tube, some minor grinding at the corners of the intake, and a trimmed gasket.


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Looks good. I love this spinnaker blue. Just wondering what size front spacer you are using? I was wanted to put some in to level the front out since I already have the Chevy shackles installed and to fit a larger tire than the 205/75.

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The blue (spinnaker blue or pacific blue??) never really has been my favorite, but it definitely has lots of memories attached to it.  I may end up keeping the color when I get the body fixed up.  Heck I might even put the stripes back on it who knows.  


I believe it was a 3/4" spacer puck.  I'll be getting rid of them soon if you're interested  :D

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Time for some upkeep and a few mods. 








1/2 ton Chevy hoses (NAPA 38183 and 38182.)  Had to modify the bracket, and I'm not so sure they're not going to contact the wheels; we'll see. 






JKS ACOS spacers; likely going to push the lift a little too high even all the way closed. Probably going to shim the lower control arms out as far as they'll go. At least she'll sit level again!

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You can dive into projects like this knowing that there's going to be something else that needs to be changed/fixed/modified while you're there... like clockwork!


Bent LCA bracket; apparently this is a common problem on all linked Jeeps.  Now the whole thing gets to come out.  









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