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MY rear bumper build is finally underway

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PO checking in. I can't take responsibility for the lack of rust. I did a Carfax on the truck, just for the heck of it when I bought it. The truck was originally bought in Meridian, Mississippi, went to Virginia Beach, Va, spent some time in Central TN, before it wound up in the Lake Barkley area of Western KY(my favorite stomping grounds). Tops the list for 'things I sold which I regret'. :cheers:

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Why do you think I was in such a hurry to nab it? I was just waiting for you to change your mind! ;) You know she's in good hands :wrench:

So on a related note. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should go about cleaning the inside of the framerails?
I bought two cans of this:



Seems like pretty cool stuff, but I can promise you that it won't stick worth a crap to all the muddy turds clung to the sides.

I want to pressure wash it all out, but I can't seem to find anyone who sells a length of hose with a diffuser/fan spray at the end to snake into one of these holes and actually get good coverage... any ideas?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Now to make room for the side rails. My wife and I both cringed putting the cutoff to her, but it should be worth it {SMILIES_PATH}/comanche.gif


Here you can see how low the factory bumper mounts hang. My mounts are almost the full height of the frame... more cutting



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Nice work with the frame spacers. I have the same problem installing my rear bumper. I chose to put washers under the bumper plate for now, but that is obviously not ideal for load distribution.

You'll probably never know the difference man. I like the thought of added material. If I had a ton of extra time on my hands I'd weld in a couple sections of tube to further strengthen the box but I'm trying to control myself
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