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2wd=4wd 1987 MJ OBD2 swap

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Hello everyone. I have already met a few of you out wheeling in PA and at the York Jeep Show this year. Well I finally decided to create an account. Here is my Jeep so far..


Bought stock, 2wd.


Then came a 4wd conversion with 8.8 rear, hp30 up front, aw4 and np231.


Then I replaced the old tired 4.0 with one from my rotted away TJ.


After the motor swap was a 97+ front end swap, 8' long arm, fresh paint, and 35's.


This is it now, locked front and rear.



Next step is obd2 and a 97+ dash swap.

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So the next step in my build is to do a dash and OBD 2 harness swap from a 99 XJ. I already have a donor Cherokee.


Does anyone have any first hand experience with this swap? do I need to do anything special with the taillights or the fuel pump?


Any info to point me in the right direction would be fantastic.



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Pictures look great! I like the blue and the black looks a lot like mine it is almost the same! Seems to be a popular look, there are three of us with that look now blue on top and black on the bottom. Be sweet to sometime get a pic of all three of them together. I would be interested in the info as well. Didn't really see any swap details for the dash in the MJ tech section but maybe I missed it. 

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The XJ tank is way to wide to fit between the rail and the driveshaft. The slosh pan won't let the pump sit in the tank correctly. You can remove it with some careful prying or just pick up a 86 V6 tank without the pan. I had a ring from Copperhead Fab that I sold.

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I think a XJ sender was longer than the TJ one and would not close enough to get it in the tank. That is why I went with the TJ sender and cluster. It's been a loooooong time since I built the truck so things may be fuzzy in my memory.


You wouldn't believe me if I told you what I used to connect the fill tube to the tank...


I cut a runner out of a stock exhaust manifold and it fit perfectly from the filler neck, through the frame and onto the tank.

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