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Give the man an “I” for ingenuity…..


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Saw an ad for an MJ figured I would take a drive by and have a look….Have done enough drive by estimates to know what I am looking for and even from the road I could see that unfortunately she was so rusted out there would be little hope of regaining the asking price even by parting it out (the only thing of value I could see was the rear slider)……but as I rolled by something caught my eye….what?......leaf springs?.....what?




So long story short if you have a YJ that has undergone a spring over lift…..and you roll it so it is not drivable you take the front suspension as well as about 18 inches of the front frame were the leaf shackles are…..You stick the rear of the leaf in the lower control arm pocket….you fish plate the section of the YJ front frame directly over the MJ frame…..and presto change….you have a spring over axle front and rear.   :dunno:


. :MJ 1: .

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Those are definitely shackles on the front of those leafs.


I have seen one similar in a local junk yard. YJ front axle, leaf springs from the lower control arm mounts to shackles hanging off a forward mounted custom bumper, but SUA and more stock looking steering.

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