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Went to Texas and picked up my M38 last week.  Good trip and visit with the folks and a safe trip back to GA. 


As it sat when I arrived.  Its rust free almost, a little bit on the tub under the gas tank, that's it! 



Flat towed it back to the house and tried to get it running.  It had sat for the last 15 years or so without running.  The PO stopped driving it because the gas tank got gummed up and clogged the fuel outlet.  But it had been garaged the 25 years he had it so besides for some chewed up wires the engine was fine.  I cleaned the carb and fuel pump, put a battery on it and it fired right up.  It runs perfect, no ticking at all, and it runs very quiet.


Still has the 24v generator but some other previous owner replaced the original 24v engine with a 6v engine and the charging system isn't working correctly.  So its just running off the battery for now.  Not sure if I'm going to put it back to 24v, 6v or 12v just yet.
















Anyway, the pump worked perfect after a little cleaning.





The title had the wrong serial number on it.  It had the number off the replacement engine which was 15377, very early for an L head.  Not sure what the engine came out of, maybe an old Americar or some other Willys car.  But found a body tag on the tub and used acetone to find the real serial number for the Jeep.





I picked up a homemade trailer from a guy in Fort Worth who built it for his CJ2A.  I painted it and bought new tires for it.





It was going to be a slow ride on the interstate so I made a warning sign...



Some sightseeing...





Anyway, got it home....



Like my temp gas can?



Took it on its first beer run to the corner store, even though the master cylinder is seized and there's no brakes and the water pump leaks a lot. :doh:


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Thanks guys, I feel lucky to have it.


Took it to our local meet just for fun.  It got a better RTI score than anyone that went up today, a stock JKU, and a couple stock/mild XJs/TJs.  But only having an 80" wheelbase helps :rotf: .  




Scored 709, just for laughs.


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One of my other tasks on that trip was to fix an elderly friend's MJ, she's got a brand new Caddy CTS but prefers driving her MJ around.  The fuse box had corroded beyond use and she needed taillights also.  I had the parts on hand so it was an easy fix, she paid me well, that's the only way I could've afforded the trailer. 


Later she called, said the clock wasn't working, guess I forgot to plug it in... :doh:







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