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1991 Mr2 Seats In A Mj.

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I currently have grey vinyl bucket seats in my 1988 mj. They are starting to rip and they have a "lean" to them. I'm not 100 percent sure but I don't think that they came in it stock. I think that the PO put them in. I say this because on the center console I have has the cut out for a ebrake lever, However my ebrake is on the floor. Anyway, I have been looking at a good replacement for seats that isn't going to run me a arm and a leg. I would like a seat that has more "bucket" to them and are cloth and in decent shape. I tend to find myself sliding around on my seats while I'm wheeling. It just so happens my buddy has a 1991 Mr2 that he is scraping. I started looking at the seats and they look like a great replacement to my stock ones. They look to have a close foot print of the stock seats. They are black cloth and more of a racing style. They definitely look like they hold you in the seat better. Not only that but I will be able to keep the functionality of my stock style seats because they flip forward for access in the rear cab of the truck. I asked my buddy about them and he said I could have them for free if I wanted.


I'm just wanting to know what yall think about this swap and if anyone just so happened to have already done it. I am aware that I will most likely adapt the seats to the OEM sliders that I have.


Here is a picture of the seats I found on google.

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I thought about 93 civic seats, but what looks to be typical with the little ricer cars is the width of the mounting points on the car seats, doesn't really work with the Comanche and its tranny tunnel.



more common is S10 or Ranger seats



oh and Dakotas, more popular than the others

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