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Started up just the other day completely out of the blue. A very distinct "bad/worn bearing", "tire on your fender" sound emits from somewhere on the front passenger side of the truck. The sound ONLY occurs when turning to the left, even the slightest amount of steering wheel manipulation from off center to the left results in the sound. I.E. changing lanes on the high way, tiny corrections while driving. It is actually kinda of difficult to hear, but if you turn off the radio and listen carefully you can not miss it. It does not get worse with speed, acceleration, or G-force (hard left turns).


There is no debris under the fender well (sticks, branches), although the truck does see mud

on a nearly daily basis and is not washed/cleaned but once in a blue moon. :thwak: 



I have had the truck inspected recently, last 2 months or so, and have been told my wheel bearings (4 years old) are still tight as a tick in a dogs arse, but my ball joints (factory upper & lower) need to be replace soon and my universals (1.5 year old) on the stub shafts have a fraction of a fraction of an inch of play.

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This is a bit labor intensive but it is how i have taught myself to check....


Remove tire

take off caliper and hang it out of the way

Take off rotor and (use washers if needed) flip it around reverse and put the lugs back on


now you have a way to spin the bearing 360 while at the same time twist on the rotor with your hands taking the bearing right around to check for any play. The reversed rotor makes play more noticeable


Even the slightest play is  multiplied by the time it moves all the way out to the edge of the tire.


PS..1)...is seems a bit early for a bad bearing....if only 4 years old .......2) every bearing I blew announced itself somewhat with a discernable lean in of the tire at the top...


:dunno: just my 2.....(hey were is the cents sign on a computer??)

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