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What's My Comanche Worth?


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I've been thinking about selling my mj lately and I was curious what people on the forum thought it was worth.

1992 2wd Base model 2.5L white

Bought the jeep with a swapped in gauge cluster that reads 224,000 so mileage is unsure but runs like a champ

Interior is nice

Replaced rockers

Replaced rusted floors (one small spot still needs it)

Replaced rusted bed spots

New brakes all the way around, drilled and slotted fronts.

New cooling system (everything replaced)

WJ brake booster upgrade

Monstaliner bed and lower quarters

Good tires


The bad

Needs radio installed

Temp gauge oil pressure gauge doesn't work (working on fixing that now)

Needs front windshield



I was thinking $3000, I've put ALOT of money into this truck that was not expected when I bought it. What do you guys think?

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Where do you live? Have any pictures of it? Have you checked Craigslist or other local ads to compare. $3000 seems high to me for a 2 wheel drive that had rust problems. I live in Arizona so rust is not very common here, so a vehicle with rust will sell for a lot less here.

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Based on the info provided, $1K to somebody who likes MJ's.


My reasoning:

- Incomplete rust repair

- Inoperable gauges

- No mention of how rust was repaired

- No mention of paint

- 2.5L 2wd

- Bad windshield 

- Monstaliner was used (I really dislike that stuff's texture)

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The unknown mileage will possibly a big problem if you try to sell it. If I was buying the top price would be $1500. Just because it's a 92 doesn't make it worth gold. Don't expect to get the money you put into out of it.


A $3000 MJ in my own opinion is as many as possible of these:


- extremely clean with no rust or mechanical or electrical problems

- loaded with options (think a clean 4x4 Eliminator or Metric Ton)

- Rare configuration or options

- Has a 4.0

- Well setup for wheeling

- has a well documented history (mileage known)


Just because someone asks $5k doesn't mean they're getting it. Anyone who pays that much for an MJ has either found a really good one or is paying too much.

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Interesting responses.

1. The rust repair on the body has been sanded, primed, repainted, and cleared. Not some hack job, actually repaired. Along with the floors.

2. The monstaliner is a great truck liner, in my opinion. It has held up well and the texture is awesome.

3. The unknown mileage may be a concern, but for a high mileage vehicle, the motor would show signs of wear. This motor does not, no sludge in the valve cover, not ticks, weird noises, or loss of power.

4. This thing is worth more than 1k, I paid $2,200 for it with all the problems so there's no way I'm loosing money on this deal. I'll provide pictures to justify my case.


I just wanted a ball park number to ask if I sold the jeep on craigslist. I bought this jeep from a guy on this forum, with the intentions of driving it everyday.

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There's a difference between a Craigslist price and a forum price...

Boy isn't that the truth!!


I completely understand that you don't want to lose money on the deal, but unfortunately you overpaid for the truck in the first place.  Which is totally understandable if its a truck you plan to keep and enjoy.  But when it comes to trying to make money off old Jeeps (or even break even sometimes), you have to get a really good deal in the first place.


With that said though, if it looks nice enough and drives fine ..... with some patience and a really good ad, you might be able to get $3k through Craigslist.  Just be ready to get offers of $700, even if you list it for $3k.

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Pictures sell vehicles online. Pictures can also help folks like us better understand what it is you have instead of basing an opinion off of a short list to provide an opinion of the trucks value.


My biggest concern regarding the value are these two points:

Interior is nice


Replaced rusted floors (one small spot still needs it)

I read this as the interior is put back together and in good shape, but will need pulled again because the floor repair wasn't finished in one spot.


You should keep the MJ and be proud of your work. Nobody besides you knows exactly how much work went into the truck. It sounds like an awesome daily driver!

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