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Very Lifted Long Bed Comanche


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 It is like what the winged ricer crowd has turned into: heavily lifted diesel trucks with shortish tires and d-bag "stacks." They ought to mount white sunglasses across the grilles and off-centered ball caps on the cabs.


I wish you could find some better shots of the obviously revolutionary suspension on that gem.

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Doesn't look like the greatest setup, but I can't say I've got much clue how it's put together.

In the rear, it looks like a pair of air shocks mounted to the bump stop locations, with sort of a two-link kinda deal... except then there's that link connecting the swing arm to the forward leaf spring hanger... and that other link...

Couldn't even begin to guess what's going on in the front. There may even be some kind of subframe installed. And something broken and dragging on the ground.


But I too am very curious about this...

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