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90 4X4 No Reserve Up For Sale Again, Va

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Looks like the top half of the shock rusted through and it has fallen down. Hard to imagine a dealer selling such a clean interior car and not fix a couple of issues that are just plain blatant. Like the shocks and rusted spare tire rim. Makes me wonder how much bondo is under that paint.

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Thats not an MJ shift knob, although the AX4 was offered in many MJs...


The "easy to fix" frame rust doesnt look very promising near the LR leaf spring front perch....


It has the 4.0, so the 5 speed AX15. The shift knob is wrong.


As far as the hole in the frame, that is pretty much exactly where they like to fold in half.

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I've been watching MJ auctions on eBay for years. The subject of this thread is one of those vehicles I knew I'd see twice (or more). In this instance, I think we'll see it again. There was a $100 incremental, compulsive bidding war between two relative newbies that drove the price well beyond the value. There will be buyer remorse.

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