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Bought another XJ:

Sir Sam

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Looks to be in decent shape. Whats wrong with it? Not a bad price either way


Front bumper and end caps, if the end caps are Ok then I will use a good red bumper I have here, if the end caps are kinda rough ill just grab new end caps and a bumper and shoot them red, I have the paint here already from a red one I did 6 months ago.


Looks like the small window on the door on the drivers side is broken out, that window is always phucking broken into, which also means its the hardest to find, I have plenty of clear windows here but not a tinted one for that, if someone would just bust out any of the other windows it would be less trouble.

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Old bumper off:



Left bumper bracket got a little messed up, pretty typical to see:



Frame side tab straightened back:



this is the donor bracket off a parts jeep.....the guy was a drunk who trashed it, his idea of a new bumper was to throw on an I-beam I guess:



New bumper and end caps on, fitment checked, looks good!



I guess i'll prime everything just because I can:



First coat of color, notice that it doesn't completely cover everything, just enough that it will stick and not run, the first coat should always be light, then when its good and tacky you can shoot your next coat.



Second coat, first 100% coverage:



Third coat 100% coverage:



First coat of clear, one again very light and grainy, enough that you get the clear to stick(clear loves to run), and when its good and tacky you can lay top your full coats:



Second coat of clear 100% coverage:



Closeup of end cap:


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looks good, but could use a buff job real bad. bet that old red would shine up real nice.


It would help somewhat, its on my list for tomorrow, need to finish getting the wheels clean, those suckers have some stuck on crap!


and the missing stickers if you can get them.


No way am I going to spend $100 on stickers, i would be better off trying to get the last of them off.

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