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Project Silver and Black

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I finally decided to start building an MJ since they are getting harder and harder to find. I was fortunate enough to find an 89, manual, 4.0 - 2WD with no rust what so ever. I picked it up for $500 since the previous owner could not figure out why it was over heating. :clapping: He basically replaced the radiator and forgot to burp the close cooling system. :nuts: Anyway, I just went ahead and replaced the close system with an open system from a 97 XJ, Problem solved! jamminz.gif


Here is how it looked like when I picked it up.





Here is what it looks like a few weeks later.



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Here is a list of other things that I have replaced so far / maintenance.

[*]Air Filter[*]Oil Filter[*]Oil change[*]Fuel Filter[*]Spark Plugs[*]Distributor Cap[*]Rotor Button[*]Spark Plug Wires[*]New Battery Cables[*]Crankshaft position sensor[*]Fuel pressure regulator[*]Vacuum lines[*]Engine plugs / Oil cap[*]Fuel pump[*]Passenger fender[*]Entire front grill, lights, and light housings[*]Replaced entire cooling system from close to open [*]Transmission fluid[*]Master brake cylinder [*]Replaced front dummy axle with a Dana 30 HP.

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so how are you going to provide lights to the plates :brows: and have to agree with the folks here that is a very nice job on the bumper :drool: . you wouldn't happen to have the plans on that build i would be very interested in making one made if not having one made. :brows: :cheers:

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I like that idea even if you didn't have dents. For a work truck, those would be great.


I get creative like that from time to time. :clapping:


Here is something else that I came up with once I saw how expensive those LED boxes were.


LED box for my XJ



LED box for my Zuk.


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