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A quick back story:

The Jeep was a 1 owner until a few years ago when my stepdad acquired it as a DD. The truck was in great shape for its age and everything worked. I had cautioned him about the leaking valve cover gasket, and it eventually coated the manifold with enough oil to catch fire. A small engine fire started when he pulled in the driveway after work. The fire dept is only a mile down the road so it was extinguished quickly. They did cut the hood open and the fire melted part of the paint on the DS fender. These are the only sources of rust in the truck and its surface rust from sitting outside. Not sure what may be usable under the hood, b/c its pretty melted. The engine itself may be able to be rebuilt. The AW4 should still be ok as the fire never got past the firewall.


This would make a great project for someone who had an XJ and wanted to do the swap.


As for parts, basically everything is usable on the body other than the hood, header panel, and possibly the DS fender (though it could be fixed w/ a little sanding)


Bed is perfect w/ no rust $300

Good doors w/ manual windows $50 ea

Good rust free tail gate (needs latch repair) $100

AW4/231 $125

D30 CAD $50

D35 $50

Rear springs $75

Shackles $30

Tilt Steering column $40 or trade for Black or Tan one

Cab $200

Fenders $30 pair


Interior is blue and will price misc pieces if anyone needs anything.



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yeah unfortunately...I miss it too! I doubt I'll ever have another MJ that nice. I guy from western TN came and picked it up quite a while ago. This engineering degree has cost me a lot of sacrifice, but I'm sure it will pay off in the long run lol.


I'd been sitting on this truck in hopes of building it using a 97+ XJ, but I have a little Early CJ-5 that I'm more interested in building so this is going to fund some parts for it.

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