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hart attack


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You can ask them what you "Ejection Fraction" is,

that number tells how efficiently your heart is pumping.


Good indicator if any damage was done (number comes up later as your heart heals).


Since they were in there with scopes when they did your stints,

they should also be able to tell you if they saw any scarring.


Any idea why you had so much blockage?

Age, diet, weight, genes?



Either way, good luck!

(I went into cardiac arrest for not reason almost 4 years ago)

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Well , your a lucky man . My father suffered a severe heart attack 26 yrs ago . There's been alot of improvements since then of course . The needle they shot in your heart to reverse damage was only in the major centers at that time being so new . His enzeme count was 5800 (just ask your dr , that's deadly 99% of the time) His damage means 52% of his heart does not function . He has had a pacemaker/defibulator for over 20 yrs , been on meds to the point it took all his money and turned toxic in his system over the years .


His past 10 years of comfortable living without and trouble is accreditted to natural products . His first 15 or so entailed many hospital stays and ambulance rides . He no longer takes any perscription medications , still has side effects from them though :( . Last visit , his cardiologist said "I don't know what your doing , but , keep it up"


My father is very knowledgable about the heart and it's conditions . He also knows all the meds and their long term side effects . I know he'd be happy to tell you what he knows or answer any questions for you , after all , the guys who he became friends with in the hospital with less damage(by-passes , stints etc etc) aren't around anymore .


As a preventitive measure , I take a herbal heart drop .


BTW , my old man , just hit 68 in August


PM me if you want his email

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