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Rocky Road Super Sliders, Airtube, and more (SW OK) updated

XJ Eric

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Hey guys,


I'm an XJ guy by trade so I don't need this set of MJ sliders. ROCKY ROAD SUPER SLIDERS. Pretty good shape, they have been up against some rocks and scraped up but they are still straight and true. Nothing a quick shot with the rattle can can't fix. $250


Also have a Rusty's Airtube for the MJ/XJ. Comes with cone filter (brand new) $20 + shipping

Located in South West corner of Oklahoma. I'm willing to meet up to deliver.







Adding a pair of tube doors and a spare tire mount to the sell pile.



Tire mount $ 100

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If they are long bed sliders consider them sold!


I am planning a trip to Clayton come Oct/Nov and could pick them up if you don't want to ship.


Get in line buddy! You ain't the only one that rocks the LWB! :fs2:


Rob :D

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Yeah, I tried to get to fed-ex or UPS yesterday, but everybody rolls up the carpets here way too early in the day.


I've got to wait till monday to get a quote.


Updated a few more things I need to get out of the garage...

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OK, so I had someone tell me that they wanted the whole truck, the only catch is that after I pull the axles to put in mine, It still has to be moveable. So, I go ahead and do the swap and put the axles out of my '98 XJ under the MJ. But now, he seems to be flaking on me. I've got a lot of extra time put into the truck and an offer on just the Dana 30. I REALLY don't want to pull the axle BACK out in this heat so, I'm just putting it out there that I'll sell the whole thing for $600. The fuel pump keeps blowing the relay but it otherwise runs and starts well. Might be a short in the fuel pump or a bad ground. I would really like to get it out of my driveway now, so I'll even take a lowball(ish) offer.

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