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brake lines

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I got my 6 inch extended, braided stainless front lines from rough country, on ebay. They were buy it now priced at $56, but had the "best offer", option, and they will take $50. They also had sets that included the rear line too. That's the best price I've found on em.

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I've done it both entirely of pre-made lines and entirely with home-fabbed lines. Going with pre-made lines was pretty darn simple, you just have to plan well (and buy a couple of the shortest lines for the inevitable "juuuuust too-short" moments). and I didn't even bother trying to perfectly follow the factory lines. heck, I didn't even completely remove them. Just be sure that it's all secured well. vibrations and rubbing are the enemy. the big reason I went with home-fab the second time was because I was installing a newer double booster and it made it easier to adapt old to new fittings.

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still looking for extended brake lines but how big i know one of my friends said has them and still kinda stretched out i have seen 20, 22, and i think 28" brake lines. i rather have too much then too little but how much is too much? any ideas?

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