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I think I outdid myself this time, what in heck was I thinki


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When I was working in the Marshall Islands the only things we had to do was drink, fish, drink, swim, drink, boating, drink, and occasionally a little work. The island was 1/4 mile wide by 1 mile long and there were 5 of us on it. No women. I got very interested in sailing and was building a boat when I left. Anyway the GF has gotten used to seeing me drag in some of the darnest stuff but I think she had to change her drawers when she saw this coming up the driveway.

Conversation went something like this.

Her. "What's that?

Me. "It's a boat"

Her. " I can see that. What kind of boat?

Me. "Sailboat"

Her. "What ya gonna do with it?

Me. "Sail it"

Her. "Where?

Me. Where?

Her. On what?

Me. "A lake."

Her. "What lake? Where?

Me. ?????????????????

Any body got a lake or pond they want a sell? Any body want a buy a boat?

:doh: :thwak: :shake:

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I spent many a week end enjoying camping and fishing on the banks of the Colorado River in the '40's and 50's. I really don't want to see how they screwed it up by 'improving it'.


I understand what you mean, lots of stuff covered up by the dam.






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Goto lake powell and spend some time exploring the nooks and crannies, at least thats what I want to do.

My family has done that twice. fly out and rent a houseboat for a week and just camp different places for the night. lots of fun

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In 1952 my uncle Jesse got back from Korea and a couple of us decided to celebrate with a camping-fishing trip. Naturally it had to be our favorite spot. A little sand bar, cave on the North bank of the Colorado River about 20-25 miles up from the AZ-UT line. When final plans were made there was 4 0f us, Uncle Jesse. Uncle Pete, Duke and me.We went out on our Harleys, no trailers just what we could pack on the bikes. We got in around dark and stayed at Wes Holdens place. Next morning we packed up Rusty, a mule Wes loaned us with our gear and took off down the trail to the river. Wes insisted we take Rusty instead of one of the others because the river was running a 'little high' and Rusty was the best damned swimming mule this side of Arkansas. His words. We got our first clue the river was high when we crossed Ford creek. Normally the water was between knee and crotch but was now waist high. A couple hours later we reached the place with only a 'small stream between us and the sandbar we used for camping on. We debated staying where we were but there was a spring on the other side so we decided to go ahead. Whats a little raging stream to a gang of sportsman, for want of a better word. Me and Jesse made it across OK and was waiting for Pete, leading Rusty, and Duke bringing up the rear. Pete and Rusty were just a couple feet from the bank when a big tree limb, or whole damn tree, was hard to tell, hit Rusty in the @$$ and he jerked and took off down stream taking Pete with him. Just before they they hit the strong current Pete got loose and made it to shore. The 'Best damned swimming mule West of Arkansas' disappeared in the river with all of our gear. leaving us with just what we had on our backs and pockets, which subsequently proved to be adequate. We stayed there for four days fishing, climbing, exploring old Indian sites, admiring the scenery and just having one heck of a "to hell with the world" time, but as with all good things it came time to go. You ever try living on a half dozen Baby Ruth candy bars and unsalted fish for four days? At least we did have fire so we could cook them first. The hike out was uneventful. The scene telling Wes what happened to his swimming mule is best forgotten.

That canyon was a treasure trove of artifacts and old Indian history. You could trace the geology of the canyon sides back 350 million years. There was a sandstone rock where John Powell and his men carved their names in it back in 1869. There was another sandstone cliff face showing Dinosaur bones and skeletons that would make the dinosaur monument in North Western Colorado pale in comparison. That lake is covering so much that is lost now. But then that's progress and I'm sure people are very happy with their lake playground, I'm sorry, I could never forget whats

under it. Jim, Just a drunk old fart missing old friends and reminicenting.

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When I was working in the Marshall Islands the only things we had to do was drink, fish, drink, swim, drink, boating, drink, and occasionally a little work. The island was 1/4 mile wide by 1 mile long and there were 5 of us on it.


And which Marshall Island were you working on Jim? I was there for 5+ years based out of Kwaj and been to them all. Many times. Don't remember anywhere throughout the atoll with a population like that. :yes: Fishing? Yes, nothing is more fun than dropping a bass purple worm down in the reef and catching a 30+ lb. lapu-lapu.

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I think it's just time for me to retire and move to the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Their gone :huh???: Yup our " Don't offend anybody " Government decided to re-name back to the original what " first nations " ( indian ) called these islands back in the day when they were the most feared and notorious Slave Traders on the west coast as far south as California . Haida Gwai :???: :ack:

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