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Winter build

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Today I started deconstruction of Pong, as I have sold the axles :eek:


I ended up getting the 14 bolt in position, only to find out that I am going to need new spring plate and u-bolts :cry:


14 bolt waiting to go in




8.8 pulled out



ended up pulling the leaf springs to make it easier to put the 14 bolt under there


14 bolt in position this is when I realized that the perches are a touch wider, and my spring plates and u-bolts would not snug up enough to make it useable :mad: 2724887520057109497uWkcgb_th.jpg



Front axle pulled





D30 enjoying its last days at my house2448203790057109497EcUSCV_th.jpg


The axle taking its place 2068628410057109497vBDBFt_th.jpg


I am going to have to wait till after christmas do anything else cause I don't know what Santa is going to bring me in the way of parts :D

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YUP FF 14 bolt. Right now it is geared 4.10's :cry: I know thats a lil low, but with what I have planned for t-cases I will still end up with a crawl ratio in the Mid 60's :brows: Plans are for 42's on H1 rims. Looks like I am going to be using Walker evan Coilovers as well. Motor looks like it is going to be a 350 jamminz.gif So we weill see how quickly this shakes outBut it si going to be fun. Keep an eye out for build up special part sales

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I am probrably going to run the Alcans a lil while longer... Until I can afford the stuff to link the rear. Linking the front is my first priority.



For lockers it is going to be a Lincoln locker in the rear, and up front it more then likely will be a lunch box locker of some kind.



Steering is going to be hydro assist or full hydro depending on how money shakes out

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well I have been working a lot of hours as of late. I ordered my new rim centers and rock rings for the H1's and they sgould be in soon. I really can't proceede until I have my roling stock in position to set up my suspension. I still need to order my doubler setup... and coilover and springs. also a wiring harness. I am trying to find a wrecked s-10 or blazer to pull the harness and comp out of it. Slow process, compounded by the fact that I have only worked 1 40 hr week so far this year, the rest of them have been 60 to 80 hr ones.

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The cab is still there.... at least for a lil while longer. I think tommorow I am going to order the doubler set up :D I think I am going to end up getting it from Staz worxs instead of ATOR... read some bad crap about ATOR on pirate while researching different vendors

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let me know how you like that. I think that I'm going to have to keep my axle gearing at 3.73, as the road tires are going to stay 31's and I like to drive 75 on the highway.

A doubler is looking really appealing to me now, and is on the list right after the 8.8

I think I'd rather spend the money on doing the doubler than regearing the axles, and then having to find new road tires.

Cheaper to do the doubler, and I'll end up with more gearing choises offroad.

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It is not really that cheap. Figure 600 for the doubler and the shaft, then you have to buy the two t-cases. Not really cheaper then proper gearing. You could do the"box for rocks" or similar setup, but they are still 350 plus you need another t-case to do it with. I was given both the d300 and the np203, andit is cheaper for me to do the doubler then it is to regear, cause of where the gear break is on the 14 bolt and d60 I would have to buy new carriers for both. Just food for thought

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