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i wanna see bad ass comanches

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I've been looking through this forum looking for big comanches and i can't really find any so post pics here lets see your truck

i can't figure out how to post my pics someone fill me in please


88 MJ dovetailed box

D60 HP kingpin front ox locker 5.13

D60 rear welded 5.13

custom Y link with jonny joints 2" DOM

np231 w/sye


4.6 stroker

working on my exo right now

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yeah that was mine. thats funny you have a vw too. i got a 1980 scirocco 16v swap fully built (ARP's ,ross forged pistons, balanced blueprinted, alum rods, TT cams and springs) i put a reiger wide body kit on it, bilstien sports, shrine springs, roll cage etc etc. also have 91 corrado G60 90k super clean car did a little super charger work. It just seems like there it alot of guys in my area and across the country that like DUBS and jeeps lol

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yeah 37's rear is spring over with i think one full length add a leaf maybe a second mid length i can't remember now what i put together and front are 8 inch rubi expr i think. lol i bought the fronts off a guy that wasn't sure what they were but they are longer than my friends who run 6" kits. look close at the pic of my old truck you can see how i raised the bottom spring perch to get another 4 inches and here more pics


my boy and my toy

waterfall climb

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ok ill get some pics of it this weekend we takin it wheelin sat since mine is under construction so check back sun

this is the only one i got right now, it was before i built the bumper and right after i lifted it. tire tread inside fender with both sway bars hooked up

and one more i found of my old truck the yota it on has 37's. flexing the rear is easy an IFS chevy can flex the rear lets see some pics of that white MJ flexed in the front

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