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my mj build/money pit

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Finally had time to post my build.I'm 16 and i bought this truck about a year ago.had to have a truck and always wanted a off road jeep.jeep comanche it is.Where i live your lucky if you see a jeep comanche drive by in a years time.i wanted a inline 6, 4x4, short bed, and 88 on up.perferably wanted grey interior, red exterior, and aw4 tranny. well destiny found its way.Finally found one after looking desperatly on craigslist for a few months about 4 hours away.Had every thing i wanted plus it even had factory 4:11 gearing and trac lock rear diff. I don't have many build pictures because as soon as i got it i worked on it day and night.well heck i do at least one thing to it every week it seems.always have something new coming in the mail for it.


Whats been done to it-


Suspension-iron man track bar, rubicon express 6.5 inch coils, brake lines and control arm drop, rough country drop pitman arm, soa rear, lenghtened sway bar links with home made quick dissconects, rubicon express shocks.


Wheels and tires-

clifton soft 8s with 33 bf goodrich mud teranins km2.


Motor, drive train, and transfer case-

body has 162000 as of now but motor was rebuilt at 100000 by squelch in Missouri somewhere.pretty much every sensor is new and has cold air intake which will be changed to a uni foam air filter and i had the muffler shop put on a flow master 40 with 2.5 inch piping yed into duals going straight back with 3 inch tips.best sounding jeep ive ever heard.Tranny was swapped in because the 4x4 was swapped in by the previous owner and i added a trans cooler but other than that is stock for now.transfer case has been rebuilt(buddy had a comanche for about a month and wanted to race and as soon as i hit the gas the axle twisted off the welds and broke the drive shaft off which then took the transfer case out).



swapped in jeep cherokee buckets, nice consol from wally world, bed lined floor, have 750 watt inverter on back bord with out let on slanted tool box in bed, pioneer head unit with pioneer speakers and 6 by 9 kenwoods in 2 little boxes, white face halo guages with stainless steel bezel, swapped new style guage cluster before that too(had to cut hole for shift reading in both), winch in cab switch, wired a switch to the ele. fan so i can over ride it and turn it on when i want, gps, radar, midland cb, fire extinguisher, tinted windows, window air deflectors from junk yard, summit racing hood pins, and a reupholstered headliner that was done right before i got it.


Armor and miss.-

pro fab front bumper with hoop welded on and 8000 pound Smitty built winch, home made rear bumper, kc lights on bumper, back up lights bolted on rear bumper, herculined bed, roll bar off craigslist thats bed lined and has hella lights, home made spare tire mount, found spare on craigslist cheap, every things been under coated, had rust on drivers floor so fixed that and a tad on the rocker and fixed that to, home made rock slider that are not on yet, high lift jack with home made mount and home made plat form, clear park light lenses, bed lined trim of rear lights, and home made drive shaft loop.


On the way-

pro fab steering stabilizer, arb, stroker motor, skids, diff guards, optima battery, leberan hood vents, wheel spacers for rear to come out to flare like front, zj tie rod, may paint candy apple red, and possibly long arms but not sure if thats worth spending the money on or not.


sure there's a lot I'm missing but thats all i can think of at the moment.please tell me whatcha think of the old girl.

$11 fire extinguisher from wally world.even matches the interior

made a plate to cover the hole were the hood release was since i have hood pins

my free midland cb mounted under the dash.i leave the mike in the consol.looks better that way

home made 4x4 shift trim holder

winch in cab control

halo guages from ebay along with stainless steel bezel and new style guage cluster.had to cut hole for shift indicator

pioneer head unit and switches which is changed now

750 watt black and decker inverter wired to out let in tool box

interior shot and wall mart consol that matches and fits perfect for $30

exterior shot


hood pins.used factory washers with slots to hold springs

motor shot and cold air intake which will be changed

motor shot

front under carrige

front end shot

hood pins from summit racing

homemade drive shaft loop(live and learn)

drivers side shot

my clifton soft 8s with bf mud terains

exhaust and rear end set up

home made bumper with factor jeep fog lights for back up lights that are bedlined and exhaust

bed lined trim of tail lights and this shows how the bumper looks

rear end shot

home made spare mount and motezuma tool box.awesome tool box but expensive

high lift jack and homade mount with lock

cut my hella light covers cause the grided ones they sell look like crap

home made sliders

they can unbolt and slide out.

cherokee that came with the truck

picture from when i gt it.well close to it any way

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1st of all let me say welcome.gif :wavey:

2nd let me say wow sounds like one hell of a build goin on. Can not wait to see some pic's. And here's how to post them:http://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11077


Ill keep my eye on this one :popcorn:



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thanks alot guys.well i wanted to by a mj like i described and build it my self but like i said they are very hard to find where i live.when i got the truck it had the 4x4 swapped in which is why it came with the cherokee, the lift, tires, head liner, bumpers and winch with out the in cab control the rest i did.i wanted to do it my self but for the money it was a steal.i paid $3800 for it and the cherokee. by the time i sold the cherokee, old tranny, bed liner, and factory wheels and tires i got $800 bucks from all that.so really i paid $3000 for it.i figure the bumpers, wheels and tires, lift, and winch are worth that alone.o and the lift didnt come with the track bar, pitman arm, or quick dissconects.i did that too.plan on adding 2 inchs as well.ill tell you what though there right about what jeep stands for (just empty every pocket).every bit of money or time i get goes into this thing.it really is an addiction.wouldnt trade it for any thing.well maby a milloin dollars.lol wouldnt that be nice

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got some of the pictures off my phone.

when i pulled up the carpet i saved the passenger side(surface rust)but some of the drivers was rotted through so i patched it and bed lined the whole floor of the cab.

fixed the rocker rust which wasnt bad.tried to fiberglass cause i never did befor.big mistake.might as well use duct tape because thats what it was like.ended up cutting the rust, spraying white lithium grease all inside and cutting metal to weld it the right way.can't fine a pic of the finished product.but looks like it was of the show room floor.

when i finally got gutty enough to cut the fender and flair.glad i did

a flex shot.sway bars on front and rear isnt quite all the way.

thats when i ripped the axle welds and drive shaft off.transfer case had a crack all the way around it.

when i painted the trim i set it up to see what it looked like all black.actually looks pretty sweet.

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yes by 4:11 i mean the axle ratio.it was factory too.it came withe the 4:11 rear axle because it was 2wd from the factory and then the front was added.well i guess who knows what happened to it before i got it but i swear that was the factory one it came with.and yes i do all the work my self except for the stuff that takes two people.i got 2 mechanic jobs so don't have alot of time to work on it any more but with all the money I'm making alot will go into it.Learned most from my dad when i was younger buying and selling stuff and the rest i picked up on my own.made most of the money that i have from buying and selling cars.in fact I'm buying a j10 from next door for $1000.it was repainted, has new wheels and tires that are nice, and the beds lines.i figured the tires are worth that alone.it will be my comanche hauler and the one i drive one I'm workin on mine.plus ill have 2 jeep trucks.its 1 of 2 j10s ive ever seen around here so there rare where i live too.its 4x4, 360 motor, short box.if i do any thing to it it will be minor interior like radio and speakers and possibly a lift.but the maine thing is take off them damn ugly tail lights ans sheet metal it and put those white led ones that light up red.

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i got a picture up top of the interior.if you want a different one ill get that and a pic of my jack for brandon today.the tool box is a montezuma tool box.they are very expensive.prolly up there with the most expensive things ive done to it.i got it from rural king.i got it when there was a sale on it for like $300 i think.other wise their $400.now the steel one is cheaper by a hundred bucks but all the inserts are welded in as the aluminum is bolted it.thats why i got the aluminum.i hade to remove one of the inserts.wish i would have got black though.could always bedline it i guess.


go to next page for other answered questions.

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its the forth one down (the mean head light look i was talking about)



that is a drive shaft loop.if i break off the drive shaft or something happens this will keep it from flying around and breaking every thing.thats how i ruined my transfer case.now if it happens again ill be ok.i also sent you a pm.sorry didnt realize i was on the second page.


hers the jack write up

drilled hole through stud to lock it

this is the home made bracket.yes its rivited and yes its plenty strong enough but with 2 people you can bolt it on as well

this is the front bracket i made with a piece of hose sliped over so it doesnt viberate.my roll bar keeps mine from slideing right to left so if you don't have one just add another bend to the front bracket.

my pro comp es 2000 steering stabilizer came in today

my exhaust cut out came it to.this is just for fun only.their bad about leaking so i got a piece of threded pipe to weld in and have a huge boat plug in it.

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the drive shaft loop looks like a nice idea. I would just have to make sure it is out of the way and wouldn't get caught while in the woods or on rocks. we had a guy in a Cherokee around whose front drive shaft broke going down the highway and boy did it do some pretty scary damage to his floor to the point I am surprised the still had his legs. his floor was patched up and it just ripped through it but I think he only had minor scratches. I cannot find the post on jeep forum.

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ya i know.i ran with no exhaust for a couple days when i was messin with the flomaster.like i said its just for fun(being loud).around here all trucks have straight pipes and i think its dumb.i like a muffler.so now when they rev their trucks at school the old jeeps gotem beat.lol


never heard of a front drive shaft coming off.wow.i guess if you have the axle locked in all the time it would be kinda nice to have something there also.

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well today i decided i better remove the rear flairs.i have had the front off but never the rear and i see a small sign of rust which is bubbled paint in one spot.plus i want to paint them any way.now i knew every bolt would break off and sure enough they did so ill have to drill and reweld new ones in.rust wasnt to bad after wire wheeled.couple pin holes in one side and other fine.ill just weld the holes shut and paint it.also got my steering stabilizer on.what color should i paint the flairs, bed liner black or red again.black would be easier but i was always a keep them the same color as the truck kinda guy.black kinda looks cheap and on mine that may be to much black with the wheels and tires.

before i wire wheeled

and after

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