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  1. Adios CC! I sold my MJ to my mechanic as I did not possess the mechanical knowledge I thought I had to keep the MJ running. I took the fender flares off as I was going to put on Bushwackers if I was going to keep it. I got a 08 Taco to take its place. Here are the last pics before I sold it. Can't believe I had it for 4 1/2 years!
  2. UPDATE: It was the driveshaft U-joints. Replaced both and no more vibration!! :banana:
  3. Awww, thanks for the info. I think the mounts are ok, I'll check them out.
  4. I have a 2WD, 6 cyl, auto, 87 MJ. I have vibration above 40+ mph only why I'm accelerating. If I let off the gas the vibration stops. Does this sound like a driveshaft u joint problem more than axle? On a 2WD truck how many axle u joints are there? Just 2, which are on the front?
  5. drase


    Winter Haven, Polk County. What up Muddfoot?!!!
  6. Got back from store and got 1/8 vac line b4 I last post. My tube that connects from airbox to intake manifold is on and it looks like yours is off. Only place I see where to put line is a black piece that has 2 holes on side of manifold facing valve cover. I already put the vac line in the top black hole and truck still runs rough. The bottom hole looks like part of a vac line is broken off in it. I tried to pull it out and the whole black piece came out. I'm not sure if the bottom one has a part of vac line caught in it. I feel like I'm so close but so far.....lol
  7. I just looked and vac line from MAP sensor was broke halfway down. Does anyone have a pic to where it connects to intake manifold? I take it vac lines are universal size.
  8. Yes, it ran fine before VC gasket install. I don't know where the MAP sensor is or which ones are vacuum lines but will check all lines to see.
  9. Installed the Felpro blue rubber gasket (cover side up) on my 4.0 auto and now the truck is running very rough. Screwed in screws from middle out to ends. The RPMs are about 250-500 at idle, the truck shakes and white smoke is blowing out of tailpipe. When I go up to about 3k RPM it turns to black smoke. I cannot see any leaks in the VC. Disclaimer: I have limited mechanical knowledge compared to others on here.
  10. And the rubber/steel VC retainer grommets go on the 15 bolts that screw the VC to the engine block?
  11. In case anyone is needing the 4.0L grommets also, Quadratec has them on back order until end of next week. Morris 4x4 only had 2 in stock but placed a drop ship order from their warehouse in GA and will go out tomorrow. My local stores (Napa, Advanced) did not have any grommets in stock either. FYI: Quadratec owns Acme Jeep Parts, Savannah Jones & Super Truck Essentials and they all ship from the same warehouse. I know this because I placed order at Acme, called and cancelled once it showed on backorder. If anything is out of stock on one of these sites they all are.
  12. Wow, all the years on here and never seen so much hate. Thx Hornbrod, for your help. Cruiser54 f@ck off. I found the right grommets online and ordered them b4 this thread went to $#!&.
  13. I don't need see how pics of the harnesses answers my question. I don't need harnesses and does not show or address thr rubber grommets around the valve cover.
  14. Yes, referring to these: http://www.quadratec.com/products/51309_0101.htm
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