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I need new leaf springs, right?

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I'm a noob, so forgive my ignorance. I just got my 87 Comanche last year and love it. It's the Metric Ton I6 automatic with 230K miles. I was doing some concrete work this weekend and had 800 lbs of concrete in the bed when I took this photo. It seems to be really low to me, but I wanted to hear from the experts if this is normal. If I need to get new springs, I'd like to go with as close to stock as possible. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your ideas. This is an awesome forum!


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With that many miles, I wouldn't be surprised if your springs aer fatigued and not up to factory load spec.


For $300 you can get a new set from Hell Creek....


For some, thats more than the truck is worth. For others, that's an inexpensive refresh of a 20yo wear and tear part.

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I'm happy with my Hell's Creek MT springs, and I got mine before there was a CC discount! Consider giving them a good coat of anti-rust paint before you install, mine quickly got a surface layer of rust after just one salted-roads winter.


Also don't forget quality u-bolts and check the condition of the shackles and shocks! If you're going to be hauling in it, you don't want to cheap out on critical components.

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