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My Comanche in 1.5 yrs

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My Comanche has under gone some changes in the last 1.5 yrs.


Here it is stock back in July of 05. 90 Comanche Eliminator, 4.0, ax-15 5spd, np 231, D30, D44, 3.07's.



Then in Aug. of 05. It was raised around 6.5", 33" Claws,4.10's and a rear lock right.



Then in Dec. of 05. Trimmed the fenders and put on TJ flares, 33" Firestone MT's, JCRoffroad front bumper, and built a rear bumper.



Then in Oct. of 06. I put on some new 37" Claws.



Now as of Nov 20 2006. The front was swapped to leafs using 4" YJ springs. I say it has around 9" lift. Axles from a J-10 D44 front, and AMC20 rear. They have 4.88 gears, front has a lock right and crossover steering, and the rear has a No-Slip. Wheels are 15x10 Eagle's and 37" Claws.




I love the way it is now. It will stay like this for a while.

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It's great that you took pics of the transformation. along the way. I'm picking up a 90 Eliminator with same specs as what you started with. But I know I won't take it to your extreme, but you've given me some ideas... what it would look like in various stages.


:cheers: SLAINTE

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minydigger- They are in the rear pockets.


Here's a pic.


More pics are here



DirtyComanche- The axle is moved foward about 1.5-2". You can get an idea from the shock.




Added a Ford E-350 master cylinder and YJ front lines tonight. Stops pretty good now.


Going to test it out Friday. :D

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