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need lift parts list

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planning on doing a soa conversion,

and lifting up up high enough for 35's

what would be needed to level it out with a soa?

5 1/2 or 6 1/2 front lift?

and if i were to get leaf springs as well for the kit, would that make any diffrernce for a soa?

so what would i need to get this done?

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:agree: SOA heights very greatly, depending on your leaf pack, axle type, spring perch height. My 92 was SOA with a 35 an stock 4wd springs that were pretty old. my front was lifted 5" an sat just about level. I would say the rear was at 5.5" maybe 6" but thats stretching it. I ran 32's an coulda fit 33's, 35's would have definitely needed some trimming

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If you're planning on SOA than use your existing rear springs , along with what SOA kit you use will depend on final height .

With a D44 and a Tera Flex SOA kit I ended up 6"in the rear and 5.5" in the front and still used my stock leafs .

Some will say other things like steering and SYE kits should be in the list and I agree but not a must .

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Don't forget brake lines! I'm doing this very soon as well, been collecting parts and pieces for a while... Except I'm doing 33s and not sure what size shocks to get :dunno: .... I was thinking of getting the rockyroad bolt on SOA so I can keep my perches on the bottom... But still what lift size shock should I get for the rears?

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My friend that is a thing of beauty you have there!! Sorry Where did you source the discs?


If I were to re-mount mine, I think I'd go with U-bolt eliminators with grade 8 or better hardware....here's some examples

Thanks !

Yeah , I was thinking about that . I haven't done any real hard core wheeling and they haven't come loose yet but that may very well be in the future at the same time I swap for ALCAN leafs .

The disc brakes are Tera - Flex , Uber expensive but worth it ...

Stopping on ice has improved greatly ever since I upgraded that , also no more unwanted tire lock but still enough control that if you want to lock them you can .

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