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Custom Suspension

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well... the folks inquiring about it arent any smarter than the ones who made "homemade front suspension" using nothing but square tube... i see no springs there.


and i quote "Hello, What is the time frame for pickup and do you have a title for the truck? Is the front axle a Dana 30 or a straight axle? Thanks,"


is it a dana 30 OR a straight axle? oh wait... maybe you should not ask questions if you don't know what you're asking.



he says it has "older waggy axles." possible 44s f&r

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I think the D30/straight axle question might have been cause it says there's no 4wd, and the 2wd had a "straight axle" if that's what it's called.


I saw a Toy lifted 18" like the rear is done on that truck. His was trussed, but it still looked scarier than $#!+.



that makes more sense now.

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Yeah and the trans only "costed" $350.00, do they even teach spelling and grammar in school anymore?


Nope, thay jus fokiss on uthur baseiks. Eye lernt all I need to from skul.


On a more serious note, that suspension is very scary, I don't think even I would trust it. And that's saying a lot.

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