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Tailpipe Options... and now Muffler Too!

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I'm looking for any suggestions or ideas on repalcing my exhaust tailpipe. Mine is rotted and in need of replacement. After doing some research, it seems that there aren't too many manufacturers of replacement tailpipes for our trucks... I'm guessing that there are some creative set ups out there and I'm curious to see them. Thanks.

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I turned an offset/offset muffler on it's side, and ran a straight pipe out the back:


I did something similar only with a center in/offset out muffler. Mine did hang a bit lower so the exhaust tilts up a bit at the tranny crossmember to help. Kept it higher than the frame and the fuel tank.



If cost is an issue, I went to an exhaust shop and purchased 10' of tubing, had 3' cut off and had some bends put in it to work with, and just an off-the-shelf performance muffler... about $50 invested.

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no cat, flowmaster super 44, flex pipe through the bed to a 4ft tall 3" dia. stack with a flapper lol, only did it cause people told me i wouldnt, well, i had a spot of rust next to the drain plug in the front corner of the bed so this gave me an excuse to cut the rust out, and it sounds friggen sweet too, not too loud til about 2000rpm, and if you really get on it its loud as hell...

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I like that idea... What did you use as hangers to help stabilize the tailpipe and what did you attach them to?

I just used some perforated strap (strap with 1/4" holes along it's whole length), for now.

Jeep is still a work in progress.


I'll probably weld one of the factory style posts to the pipe, but the bolt on generic parts store clamps have also worked fine for me in the past.



Guess you're not carrying the under-bed spare Jim?


I got rid of the underbed spare a long time ago,

I know I was going to run big tires,

plus I wanted to leave room for other stuff:

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Replacement tail pipe from Autozone is about $64. I'll be picking one up soon. I went out to my truck the other morning to go to bed and my tail pipe was lying on the ground.


You sure some tweaker didn't steal yur Cat? :eek:

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Well... I think I am going to stick with a stock style tailpipe. Mostly because I think it will fit my truck the best.


That being said I am now considering what to do with my muffler since it needs to be replaced too. I've priced both a stock replacement and an off the shelf performance muffler, both being about the same price. Which route should I go? I've heard and read before that the 4.0 can react badly to having performance muffler attached... usually having to do with losing its low end torque.


Any suggestions?

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