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Lowering a lifted Mj

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So when I bought my Mj, it was as most are..stock. I went for Soa, and coils I then added spacers to level everything out. Ever since then I have been battling the dreaded Death Wobble with no clear victory in my future. I've gone through several trac bars, countless shocks, experimented with drop pitmans, tried many many stab setups, and screamed at it. I have just place an order for new tie rod ends and that super huge tierod draglink thing.


after ordering I realized..hey maybe my steering geometry is just awful because I'm sitting a little to high. I'm thinking I'm go to remove the 2inch spacers up front to aid the steering geo. Not to hard sounding right? Well here's were it will get a little tricky If I drop the front 2inches what do I do with the rear? It has stock leafs that are Soa so I can't really remove leaves without the fear of sagging badly, The only two options I have heard of are, removing the second leaf from the back and replacing it with a main leaf from a stock Xj pack (apperntly will settle down a little lower?) or swapping my Mj shackles for Xj shackles since the a just a little smaller. Aside from those seemingly simple options I guess I could go back to spring under and throughin some add a leafs.


Does anybody have any ideas? Or heck any ideas how I can stay at current height (6inch) and finaly defeat my Death Wobble?



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Actualy probably should have thrown that in all my ball joints have been replaced withint the last 200 miles, and we did the drivers side wheel bearing, the passengers side looked to be okay. How big of a factor could this be in the Dw?


It could be a significant factor.


I would also suggest considering a drop bracket set up as an alternative to long arms in regards to correcting your geometry. I am not a fan of the drop bracket but it has worked wonders for many looking for a better ride quality.

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I guess I'll really inspect the steering/wheel bearings when I get home from work. What the best way to tell if my wheel bearings are gone? Also with a 6inch what size drop pitman should I be going with? Right now it has a 1inch drop and it appears to have done nothing.

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ive heard just about EVERY front end component has been replaced but havent heard a thing about the control arms. if they are stock then you DEFINITELY have some problems.


20 year old bushings in those control arms is probly the problem. if you are running a stock or similar to stock track-bar then you shouldn't use a drop pitman arm. the pitman arm and the track bar need to be parallel to each other.


you could have extremely out of balance tires, a bad steering link, or bad control arms, all of this in conjunction with a poor alignment can cause death wobble

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to check your wheel bearings, lift the front end up, grab the top of your wheels, and shake. if your wheels move, your bearings or ball joints are garbage.



bad ujoints can cause death wobble.


if your steering isn't aligned that can cause death wobble.


if your control arm bushings are bad, that could cause death wobble.



how much lift do you have in front? using what components?...you say spacers, but what height are they, and what height are the springs?





remember, drop pitman arms ONLY work directly in conjunction with track bar drop brackets of the same quantity of drop...if you're changing your steering, you must change your trackbar angles to match...and vice-versa.



your track bar does not seem to be the issue.

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Ok guys, so I checked the ball joints and wheel bearings they're good, and I checked out my bushings none of them are cracked or chewed up. Btw I have Rubicon Express upper, and lower control arms.

My lift in the front is 4.5 RC coils with 2 inch spacers, would biting the bullet and get 6-6.5 coils help things out?

Tomorow since I have the day off I'm going to try out my buddies tires to see if it if mine are just increadably out of whack. Also well I was done under the Mj I noticed the long long tie rod was well to say the least destroyed, hopefully a new one will help.

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