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front axle

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I run aggressive 35" tires and a front locker on a D30. Abuse it more than I should without breakage so far.


I did upgrade to shafts using the larger u joints, some Spicer 5-760x U joints (supposedly 40% stronger than the 5-297x) and got rid of the vacuum disconnect.


In my opinion, a D44 would be overkill for a Comanche, although I would like to get rid of the unit bearings.

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Thanks for the input so far guys. What I'm trying to do is a quick easy upgrade rather than a lot of time and money upgrading my dana 30. Which from what i read will never truly be as strong as a dana 44 no matter what you do. Also my gearing in the front doesn't match the gearing in the rear. So to get my truck back to 4 wheel drive it'd be cheaper just to put a proper geared axle in there rather than pay for parts and labor. I've got a Dana 30 off a yj with the 4.56 gears in it. But that darn thing doesn't mount up because I can't weld on the control arm where it needs to be.


I've got about 6 inches of lift with 35 inch tires. Don't mind sticking with a dana 30. Main problem is getting lucky and finding the right gears. Figured if I opened up to a dana 44 as well it would increase my odds.

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D44 out of a FSJ Waggy w/TNT truss system is going to be about the "easiest". Though it will change your front bolt pattern.


As stated above the TJ Rubi D44 is just a D44 center w/D30 outers. Not worth the $$/time in my opinion.


A JK D44 can be made to work rather easy as well; however hard to find and bring big $$$ (plus a lot wider track width).

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