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"I love boobs" shirts/onesies now 4 sale

Pete M

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I got suckered into, uh, I mean I volunteered to help a friend with her American Cancer Society fundraiser this year. :shake:

sizes are small to 3XL. I'm told they are uni-sex sizes, so guys might want the next step up.

Shirts are $15 each. baby's onsies (while they last) are $12 and are pink.

Add 4 or 5 bucks to cover shipping and/or paypal (mo matter how many are in the box). Anything over the actual shipping charges will be donated to the fundraiser. PM me with your order and we'll exchange info.


You know you want one. :yes:


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sizes for what? shirts and hoodies are available up to at least 3XL. probably 4XL more but i never got confirmation on that.


sizes are uni-sex, so I'm told that guys might want the next step up from what they might normally choose.

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Looks like my team leader took my advice and ordered the shirts early this year. glad they kept me abreast (*cough*) of the situation. Found out at the bowling fundraiser yesterday when they opened up a big box o' shirts and onsies. :shake:


So, shirts are now available for semi-immediate shipping. Guys that have placed their orders will get theirs shipped asap. Onsies are only available til they are gone (unless my team changes their minds again and orders more.)


Oh, and the onsies are available in 6 month, 12 month, and 18 month sizes.

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