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The Replacement...now running!

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I sold my '90 eliminator to a local last week...didn't have time to finish it for him, but it's darn close.


The reason I sold it is that the money I got from it paid for both a '97 xj, and a '98 xj.


the '97 is fixable, the '98 is parts.


'97 is 4.0, auto, 4x4, 8.25 rear, 3.55 gears. has tow package, A/C, cd (aftermarket), premium sound, power mirrors. needs new front driver's fender, bumper, header panel, radiator (leaks from drain valve...may be repairable), steering column (ignition is screwed, column doesn't lock), and windshield.

paid $550


'98 is 4.0, 5 speed, 4x4, 8.25 rear, 3.07's, all power but seats, no cruise, a/c, CD (aftermarket). new radiator, h20 pump. paying $400.









the '97 has some engine issues..won't stay running. I'm going to do a full tune up, oil change, and drain fuel then put new fuel in it. The PO had a coolant leak, redneck fixed it, and put h20 in the rad. before the winter. hoping the motor isn't cracked, but if it is, I am doing a full on 5 speed conversion using the '98 as parts.


also will be putting full power from the '98 into the '97 as well.

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motor's junk. exhaust comes out of the radiator cap, and the oil is white.


dipstick covered in "oil"

new battery and terminals

temporary plug on radiator....never had a petcock, I'm tossing the rad since the fins are rotting off

removed the push button starter. PO bypassed the relay, relay wouldn't close because the NSS wouldn't ground it. so, I removed the ghetto-@$$ NSS and bypassed the NSS temporarily until I can clean it

junk front clip off. the washer reservoir isn't even cracked...just needs one pump because the nipple cracked off

racks back on

interior all apart

nasty carpet

power, HEATED mirrors

rear trunk, factory trailer plug

rear seat cleaned

front clean

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stripped the '98.


stripped the '97


put everything from the '98 into the '97.



complete conversion to 5 speed, front to rear...


almost done. fixing the floor on the driver's side yet. then put interior back together, throw in the 4.5" lift, tires, find the front end body parts, and let her rip.

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bad floor out, new floor almost in. ran out of wire for the welder. fits almost perfect with some handy hammering and heating.



engine bay pretty much buttoned up. trans will be bolted up to the crossmember finally when the floor is done..I need it out of the way for floor repair right now.

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Those roof rack mounts work out sweet and easy for making up light racks if you're into that look.



Cheap Jeeps are just fun, aren't they? Always know when you're got a good one when it costs more to put a set of tires on it than the original cost of the Jeep. Nice job on all of your projects!

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well, floors are done. spent some time learning to weld sheet metal...did fairly decent, some bad spots, some good spots, either way it's welded and done.

just need to seal the seams against the frame rail.



and, got the trans drop in and everything bolted up mechanically but the rear driveshaft, so I started it and drove it outside so I can wash it, lift it, and finish the interior.


more progress to come tomorrow :D

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bolted up the down-pipe, alternator, put on serpentine, fixed a small electrical issue, and washed it. it's got alot more little dings and dents than the pictures show...and it's still wet in the pics.


letting it dry, then removing the rear springs and putting the 4.5" ones in.


once I'm done with that, I'm finishing the rear harness swap, and putting the interior back together. then on to lift the front, and put the front end back on.

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well, the rear springs are not going to cooperate. going to have to wait until it's registered and insured to drive it down to my dad's place and torch the springs out to get the front bolts unseized from the bushing.



otherwise, the wiring is complete, exhaust is installed up to just behind the cat. I need a new muffler, though. probably going to go with flowmaster 40 again.



looking at the carpets from the '97 and the '98, I decided that they're both too stained to use, and I just plain don't feel like cleaning either of them. so, into the garbage they went. I put floor mats in, that's good enough.


driver's seat is in, gotta get the passenger side in. everything mechanical is done except for the rear driveshaft, and the 4wd linkage.

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pulled the front end off of my '87 MJ today, and swapped the driver's fender and front end on after I did a quick prep and paint on them. not the same color of black, but it looks better than putting white body panels on a black vehicle.



just need to throw the passenger seat in, center console in, and power doors in. then a new muffler and it is driveable.



lift kit will also happen before I even register it.

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seats and center console are in. picked up a flowmaster 40 for it, need some spare exhaust tube to finish it.


then test drive, break in the brakes (they're good, but have 2 years of sitting on them), and put the power options in the doors, plus the cruise control clock-spring in with the cruise actuator.




after that, it's just lift, tires, and proper paint.

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So... those front end pieces have been swapped on and off of at least 5 XJs/MJs now... interesting fact for the day.


Most front ends live and die on the same Jeep. :rotf:


yuuup :D



hey, I needed something for a front end, and couldn't find anything.

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Look great :clapping:


thanks Red.



registered it today. only things left to do are to put the power windows in, driver's seat, and remove the tcase drop.


picked up a set of really nice 235 bridgestone duellers in trade for some jeep parts, so I won't be lifting it for now. maybe once I've soaked the front leaf spring bolts enough to get them out without breaking them...stupid welded nut inside the frame rail!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'll post pics in a day or two, but recent progress consists of:


new tranny mount

4x4 shift linkage installed

power windows and locks are all installed

all key cylinders switched to the '98 so they match the column.

cruise control installed today (works great, after some issues with what year switches I could use)



Was going to do a 4.5" lift on it, but I came across a 3" lift at the junkyard with NEW shocks. $100 spent on the lift, plus the dodge B-van springs I'm grabbing from TNT, will mean 3" lift front, 3.5" rear, with a higher load capacity, and improved shackle angles.



bought a windshield for it today since I cracked the one I was getting from Automan :wall: , so now I have to pick up painting and bodywork material so that I can paint the whole front end, fender flares, and roof to get it all matching with no scratches or rust. do that with the windshield out, then put the new one in, and voila, it's done.

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