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My 1988 Comanche Chief

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So i began my search for a comanche project about 6 months ago. I work for my local Jeep dealer and my boss has a 2wd comanche. The truck began to grow on me and after i had sold my 95 ram 4x4 i decided that i need a new 4x4 project. After searching for around 4 months i found one that i could afford and had the options that i wanted (4x4 short bed, 4.0 , 5 speed). I cama across the add in the SF area on craigslist. She was a lil rough but already had a mild lift on it. The down side was that the lil pickup was built with the weak @$$ pegeuot trans and reverse was out... but i was able to get her cheap because of it :cheers: So after the 3 1/2 drive (one way) i finally had a lil comanche of my own jamminz.gif It took me a month to find an affordable donar jeep ( 95 xj 4dr 4.0 ho 5speed) to swap out the dead tranny. I completley gutted the poor xj sold off the spare parts to offset my out of pocket expense. I was able to swap out the pegeout for an ax15 and 231 tcase for juste the cost of the new clutch kit for the ax15 :clapping: So i now have a tagged running MJ for a lil under $1800.


Current Mods :

Dana 44 rear axle with locker

3.73 gears

ax15 / 231 swap

rubicon express 41/2 lift with 2" spacers

Novak Conversions Tcase shifter

33x12.5r15 super swampers

Smittybuilt Tube rear bumper


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