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  1. Like title says I need some bucket seat brackets bad leg me know what u got
  2. I'm looking for bucket seat brackets is you ever want to sell them man
  3. ok i have a 89 comanche with the 4cyl and the ax5 tranny and i need a new slave cylender which i can get at the part store but i also need all the tubes from the clutch master cylender all the way down to the bleeder. dose any one know where i can get these tubes or dose anyone have a tranny laying around and want to sell them to me?
  4. i have a 89 short bed 4 banger 2wd comanche that i just did a 4x4 conversion on and i need a front and rear driver shafts let me know what u guys got. has to be for a short bed 4banger comanche
  5. i love them rims haha great build man don't trash one of the last comanches made
  6. so just letting you guys know I'm back and that i started my 4x4 swap yesterday i finally found a dam ax-5 4x4 tranny
  7. lol i well trade you everything you need for the 4x4 aw4 for that ax-15 set up :cheers:
  8. I have to agree with automan my dads been a certified about body tech his whole life and from the pictures I see you could easily get parts from a xj for the front end and if ur just wheeling it hammer the cab out enough for it to look decent and wheel the $#!& out of it sorry to hear man
  9. god dam you got some nice fab skills. sexy @$$ truck :cheers:
  10. just figured i would bump the topic up have not been on here in a year or so and letting you guys know I'm still around and kicking it with the manche still
  11. thats what I'm saying lol i think its great for the summer here lol but the winter sucks :wall:
  12. i just went and got a replacement but i don't know what it was. i didnt even know that there was a difference whats a 195 stat from??? thanks for the help guys
  13. Ok I got my 1989 4 banger Comanche and the engine well not go past the first maker on the temp gauge so basically it only gets up to like 120 deg or what the first maker is. Any way the engine running cool it not my biggest concern but my dam heat is not even blowing hot cause Of it it's warm at best and not enough to defrost my dam windshield. I replaced the thermostat and the blower motor so it can't be those please help thanks
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