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Is this good

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4.5" front lift springs with 1.75" spacers and lots of cutting on the fenders. SOA with 2" lift springs (re-arched stock? They look like stock, but are only 1" less than 3" lift springs) and chevy drop shackles, tiny bit of trimming on rear flairs. All 4 corners are limited by shock travel.


I do need to bump stop the front. This set up works well with 33x12.50s, but with the 35s I can't steer when one is fully stuffed because it is up against the inside of the wheel well, the upper spring mount and the track bar.

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why is everyone talking about its fair and find whats limiting it? :nuts:



If the shocks or brake lines are the limiting factor, that's bad. :(


of coarse thats bad, i didn't look real closely at the pic, are people saying his are limiting?


i guess i just see way to many people flexing over stuff all the time and taking pics, too much emphasis on it.

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