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Tube work,metal fab,suspension work in SW Washington

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I know there were a few people interested in getting some work done.


well i finally talked my brother into moving back up from the coast,so the tube bender and fab tools will be up at his new house in Amboy,WA


probably take him a few weeks to get everything moved up but then he should be able to take on some projects


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just let me know when you want something done.



I am going to have some work I need on my MJ. I want to add a prerunner bar on my bumper.


are you saying you just want to add a hoop to your existing bumper?

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Probably wouldn't take long,I have 2 XJ and my MJ that I could use for measurements and mock up.


The only issue I see is I don't have an upright Warn to use,we like to keep the winches in as tight as possable so its nice to have the winch that's going in.

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Here is an album of pics from the current build


I don't really have any pics of just welds,the Samurai was done using a couple of our Mig machines. We also have a Tig machine,but we haven't set it up yet.


I do some of the welding but most is done by my brother who is a certified welder he has been through two different welding schools and is certified to weld pretty much anything.

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