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Emis Maint Light??

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Its a little clear box under the dash, glove box side. Looks like a clock for a bomb. Tried finding a pic of it, but came up empty.


Mine is on the drivers side. I think it was originally boled up against the side near the radio/heater. It is now stuffed up on top of the column.

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yup, should be on the drivers side towards the center of the dash. It's just a timer, designed to go off and remind you that it may be time to change out the 02 sensor. The dash light doesn't actually mean that anything is wrong. :thumbsup:

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You can also buy the EMR Here. But, just why would you? I had a thread here about a week ago asking the same question. I thought of better things to spend $45.00 on. I also see them on eBay a lot but wonder if they are at 77,000 miles and I'd get the reminder a week after buying it. I keep an engine log so I can remember when to change oil and other routine maintenance along with parts numbers of replaced parts. It's a lot better system then an idiot light on the dash.



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