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d30 c.a.d. elimination

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Take the cover off, slide the collar over, install cover upside down.

I heard about that a while ago and someday I might get a chance to try that on my own axle. :D


Just did that on Chuck's YJ yesterday. Minor problem was that the disco motor is in great shape, and it kept pulling the shift fork back juuuust enough to disengage the collar. Pulled it all apart and shimmed it with some washers (like I have mine) and it works like a charm :D


Don't forge to refill the CAD housing with gear oil when you put it back together.



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Just pull the cover and slide the fork over and put a hose clamp on the shaft. Works like a charm. Of course I disco'd the hoses and plugged them with screws and blue RTV because they didn't reach well anyway. I think I capped the axle ones with little random rubber caps.


Or you can buy my used posilock... :D

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