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Comanche rear wheel opening

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plus if you take the quarter skins and replace your wheel well openings, then you can use XJ fender flares W/O modification...


MJ's actually have a larger rear wheelwell than the XJ so the flare is not a direct swap.

Yeah, the MJ opening is about 2" higher overall and about 2" longer front-to-back. The only way to use XJ flares would be to graft on the ENTIRE wheel arch section from a 2-door XJ, and that would leave a lot of unsupported metal on the wheel side of the seam where the inner fender liner meets the outer quarter panel. I've looked at it closely, because the previous owner of my '88 burned off the flanges with the flare mounts, right back to the seam (and in some cases beyond the seam), so I need some way to mount flares where there presently isn't any metal. I may yet try this idea, but I don't hold out a lot of promise for its success.

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