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Wet floorboards


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I busted a hole in my floor board the one and only time I have been able to go out (in 2wd). The water hole had so much pressure that the mud flew up under my left pit and spray all over the dash from behind me got all over my headliner and my dash and my windshield and my face! YA BABY!


The girl was like, turn on the wipers, I said... darlin, thats on the inside. LOL.


she was like, HOT.

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Its like the old jeeps we used to use, they had plugs for the floor you could remove to let the water out, I put a couple of those in the jeep, if you got holes in your mud rig, its okay, don't freak out the water needs to get out somehow...


Now when ever I get a new, different, vehicle I take a center punch and hammer and punch a couple holes in a couple low spots.Not a perfect solution but it helps.

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