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AX-15 swap Nov 21-22


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I'll be coming back to WI on the 16th, and staying until the 25th. I'd like to get the transmission swapped in the 4.0 MJ that weekend. Mainly so I don't have to lug the 4wd tranny down there, and the 2wd one back up.


I know Brent won't be able to help much, but hopefully he'll still come out to watch.


The only problem I forsee is getting the old broken bolts out of the framerail. Whoever had the trans out last decided to weld the crossmember to the frame. I don't know how many of the 4 bolts are broken, hopefully it's just one, and that's why it's not bolted in.


Jake, Rob, you guys still up for coming out?

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Yah I'll be there if everything goes as planned.


For those who don't already know I'm going to be going in for some surgery sometime in the coming weeks (hernia). So long as I don't get everything done that weekend I should be able to come out to be there for moral support. And yes I'll try to drive the '88 unless I am not able to drive it for some reason.

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Yeah Will! Make it happen! We all need to feed you ideas for your truck!


That, and I can't be the only one showing up not in an MJ... :oops:

Rob L. :D


Well.. I would either be in the ZJ or the Ferd..

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