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project i dont have a name yet

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hey guys , i am new to this site , just been lurkin around so far and thought it was time to post up some of my junk .

I just took my 89 xj waggy off the road and wanted to build something different , so i came across a lwb 2wd 88 comanche in really good shape . new floors , tank ,f/p, tps , iac , ( the list goes on and on ) it was owned by a old man who babied it then sold it to some guy who had no mechanical ability whatsoever .

so i dragged it home on my dolly after struggling to get it on ( rear brakes were ceased du to sitting ,nothing a hammer on the drum dident fix)

got her down to my place and started to check everything out , got her started up and she ran like a bag of crap . but once she warmed up purred like a kitten .. i was stumped , new iac tps ... so i checked the map and temp and they were good ,pulled the iac and checked it too . after scratching my head and calling my buddy i noticed that the stealership installed the tps with the arm on top of the throttle instead of underneath .. AGHHHH so i pulled it off and wouldent you know they cross threaded the bottom screw on too .. thanks stealership .. so i pulled the tb off my waggy and set it all up and now she runs great .

so i have been pulling all the stuff off my waggy and puting it on the xj , got my accel coil and wires on it , put in the full factory gauges , as well as added a ammeter . pulled the carpet out and found some cancer that i am in the midst of fixing now :(

i pulled some slider seats out of one of my other parts trucks ( got about 6-7 parts trucks xj mj cj and zj if your looking for something let me know ) swapped the lower brackets and got them ready to boldt in when the floor is fixed .

the doors are going to be made removable ( one is so far )

i have the mini overhead console to go into it (from a xj with a sunroof) as well as a xj sound bar ( not sure if i am going to use)

from my waggy xj i have a 4.5 inch lift to swap over with a d30 with 410 and a d44 with a aussy locker . as well as the waggy fromt clip .

i am still debating if i want to use the 44 or go with a 8.8

i got the front bumper from my xj with the winch as well as loads of other parts to go on her , now its just a matter of time ..

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dasbulliwagen i had my waggy for years and everything on it was new , but the locks , doors , wires , sunroof , and all the little electronic things were falling apart and i was in the need of a change . no doubt i loved that truck , but i needed a change .

here is a vid of it way back when ...

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so i just got word i am getting a 2000 wj for a parts truck .. woot woot , going to pull the knuckles and such and swap them on to a d30 axle i have .

its a cad axle with 4:10 gears out of a 4cyl xj . a friend gave me a posi lock cable so i will have 2WL while crawling .

wj knuckles 2 piston calipers posi lock , trussed , and some locking device ..

in the debate column is if i should change to 5x5 bolt pattern or stay with 4x4.5 and find a set of disks that will fit xj/mj hubs and the wj calipers . i have a rear xj 44 from my waggy and am still undecided if i want to use that and swap disks onto it or just go and get a 8.8 ... aghhhh decisions .. the 44 has a aussy locker already too ..

i guess with the front 2 pistons calipers the big rear drums should be ok .. aghhh

any advice ideas ...

*** edit .. i would also have to regear the 44

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so havent had much time lately , but today i got around to swapping in the new open rad system and threw in a stock tranny cooler too . I have a second tranny cooler that i am going to use as a PS cooler a little later on .

I got everything bolted back together and started to burp the thing when the stupid plastic valve broke in half :mad:

getting rid of the pressure bottle is great , but replacing it with another piece of plastic :wall:

the closed system its metal with 3 hoses , on the open its plastic with 4 hoses .. they just traded one POS for another ..

anyway off to the wreckers to find another one .. also found out that the previous owner had a small fender bender he dident bother to tell me about :mad: nothing to bad , but had to take out the BFH and a bar to straiten up , not to mention the broken bolt thats inside the frame rail ( bumper bracket bolt )

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so today i got in the vacuum heater switch that broke .. and got in the new to me injectors ,

has a complete PITA getting them in , had to go get new o rings for them too . but now she is all buttoned up and purring .. now on to the next problem .

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so after some cold weather it warmed up to -5 , so i decided to and found some inspiration .

Wj knuckles and brakes torn off the wj , and trussed (non cad ) d30 .

i popped out the bottom balljoints that were toast , i might just end up replacing them all anyway reinforced the control arm mount too .




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continued working on the d30 today , popped off the upper ball joints , pulled the cover and emptied the fluid .

pulled off the diff cover from my other truck and sandblasted it .

started to sandblast the knuckles too .




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  • 2 months later...

well i have not updated in a while , broke my shoulder so everything was kinda put on the side .

so update .. just picked up my motor .. nissan sd33 diesel hooked to a tf727 which will be mated to a np 242 .

cut off the brackets on my d44 and made up some u bolt eliminators .





mj spring plate to go on top , i am going to try and use it for the shock mount , i have to see if it will be to high , although i want to go for about 10 - 15 % up travel and the rest droop




on the bench in the back you can see the mini d44 trusses

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so a few more updates ,

got my goferit tre flips welded into the knuckles , got my HD offset tre's ( they are one tonne with stock taper ) threaded inserts and 1.5 od 1/4 wall DOM all welded up . the front axle is almost complete .



been collecting parts for my wvo conversion , got one heated filter assembly put together , i pickled up a pump for hijacking ( aka begging for free wvo from local friendly restaurateurs) as well as a filter setup to pump it directly into my wvo tank .

pulled apart a wj np242 that i have , i have to swap out the output shaft so i can have a speedo ( the wj one is electronic)

ill put in the output from my other np242 .

i have new bearing on the rear 44 carrier and one 44 axleshaft is getting a new bearing and seal .

I found a great deal on e bay for some chev brake lines that will bolt up to the front

good writeup here http://www.universityofjeep.ca/techf.html

finally pulled my RK 4.5 in springs off my old truck as well as my RE trac bar i am going to reuse them but ill have to mod the trac bar to fit . with the high steer and the flip the track bar has to be relocated on the axle .

more to come ..

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  • 2 months later...

well after months of doing nothing i found some time and some help to throw the rear axle in the back .. here are pics

dana 35 anchor and sweet d44



44 in pinion angle set , just need to weld on perches



the rear end up in the air like is should be ..


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