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picked up application papers today!


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yeah, so today we (me and dad, i can't drive alone yet) went into town and i picked up my papers for application to the canadain reserves !!!!!! :Canadaflag: I'm looking at joining the 31st service battalion out of saint joh. it is mostly a maintenance and service group that does mechanic trucking and other maintenance jobs ( gunsmith supplies ect) I'm gunna try to have my papers sent in by monday at the least so at that rate i may be taking test by oct 12. :Canadaflag: :D

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Good job man, but join the armoured....


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8th_Canadi ... s_Louise's)


Then you can drive instead of march into battle. :clapping:


I used to be with PEIR.

I'm not joining a combat division I'm joining a service battalion basically we work on trucks guns and deliver stuff :Canadaflag:

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