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Bolt on Front Tow Points

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I'm looking to get a set of bolt on front tow points for my 2wd MJ for the upcoming winter. I've seen pictures of brackets that some people on here have bought in the past that mount a tow hook under the bumper of the truck on both sides. These are what I am looking for, what are your opinions on the best place to get them at?


As Always, Thanks in Advance!


- Brent

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I have the Custom 4x4 set up myself and have been very happy with them. They have been used (and abused) quite a bit and never a problem with them. The Hi Country set up looks nice also, and if I still needed front tow point on a Cherokee or Comanche, I would probably try them just so I could compare the two.

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I'm looking at tomken stuff whats the lodown on this stuff and will i have an issue with the factory front skid? i don't mind having to do a little modifying on the skid I'm actually thinking of merging the parts togather for more strength, is it doable? would these parts be a good starting point?




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The Custom 4x4 brackets are very good quality. I had a set that went through several Jeeps and many rock encounters.


I've got a set similar the the Custom 4x4 brackets that I'll let you have cheap plus shipping. They came from a donor Jeep so I'm not sure of the brand. They don't have the inner angle brackets, but those could be made from some angle iron pretty easily.


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