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Have you seen my Mj? Last seen in MidAtlantic...


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I'm finally getting to the point where I can seriously start considering

hunting down my first Comanche. She's a 1988 Pioneer LWB with

4.0L/5spd - many OEM upgrades and an ARB Snorkel. After 5 years

of ownership, towing limitations forced me to sell her in November of

2003, and I know the person who bought her from the dealership

kept her on the road until at least 2005. Last seen in the North

Delaware, South Philadelphia area.


I know running a carf@x is the easiest way to see which direction

she headed, but I am putting that off until I am prepared to put a more

reasonable sum down - would really appreciate a hit if someone has

an open account, I'll PM the VIN.


I was wondering if anyone has seen, or possibly even knows this truck

today? (the top picture is from '03, the bottom from '00)



Thanks in advance!

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Reviving this instead of re-posting.


I am still looking for this truck - I know now that she's living along

the I95 corridor in Delaware and might have been painted a

dark green or camo.


If anyone traveling through the area has seen it, please let me

know - I realize its a longshot, but I amd getting serious about

finding her this year and can't think of a better way to start.

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I pass through the northern-most part of I95 in Delaware when I go up to NJ so I'll keep an eye out. There is a place on 896 where I actually saw my old '89 Jeep Wrangler up for sale...sold it to a guy in DE when I was living in NJ...hadn't seen the thing in 10+ years and it just randomly showed up for sale on the side of the road. He was actually asking the same price I sold it to him for. Thought about buying it back, but I had just gotten rid of my '91YJ and vowed never to get another again.

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Practicality - or lack thereof.  Cool vehicle for summertime cruising.  Great vehicle for off-roading.  Awful vehicle for towing, people hauling, interior security and long distance rides.  Definitely has its niche, but I like my rides to be versatile.


I have always had issues with my back since I was in high school and hitting a pothole in a YJ would send a sharp pain right up my spine.  Those things ride awful.

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Was just running down the road one day when I happened

across this at a gas station:


Image Not Found


Yup, that her! Almost 10 years later and I just stumble upon

her at a refill...


Had a few minutes to talk with the current owner, good guy.

I offered to buy her back, he gave me a price and I said I

would meet it... but havent heard back yet. The truck was

painted twice since - the front end was crumpled in an

accident at some point. Someone tried to sawzall the snorkel

off so its effectively ruined. Otherwise she's still original

enough to take to a full restoration - all I need is to get her


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awesome :D


after two paint jobs, how did you know it was her?


The snorkel (or I should say what remains of it.) Its an ARB

model that pretty much is a permanent addition to the truck.

Even though the middle owner tryed to pry/saw it off he

couldnt figure out how to pull the arm or air box connector

off. Like I said... pretty much ruined, but it surely served one

last purpose in flagging me down.


Once close it was only a matter of double checking VINs. I

keep ALL my car-related paperwork so verifying is the easy



I'm just glad she wasnt truggy'ed or otherwise modified beyond

repair - which was my second biggest concern....

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