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What was he thinking?


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This guy has more $$ than sense, and also has bad taste. Hideous.


"The Jeep is powered by the original 3.8l V6 supercharged and intercooled!!! The dyno sheet from the MFG of the supercharger states 295 rear wheel horse. Additional mods were done outside of the supercharger including high flow cats, Borla high flow exhaust, Gibson headers, CDA carbon fiber air box, ram air, 8mm wires, and iridium plugs. This is one very fast jeep!"


Those are pretty crappy numbers. Maybe on a dyno they might be better; for $30K starting bid (Reserve not met!) you would think he'd at least do that. :nuts: :nuts:

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My momma always said "If you can't say somethin' nice keep your mouth shut'!! So here goes. I like the hood scoop.


i like the chromed out recover points :yes:


ummmmmm...... the trail rated badge looks nice. :dunno:

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Ingenious! If you can't go over the rocks scare 'em away! :eek:

:rotf: :clapping:

i totally agree

he was thinking"i have to much money, what can i spend it on..."


Wish I had that problem. I have plenty to spend it on, but no money. :(


Rob L.



X3 still :nuts:
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