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Well hello everyone. I just purchased an 89 Comanche for my next project. It has the I6 with the auto tranny. My father is a member on this site and he also has an 89 Comanche that we restored together. My question is... will the motor loose most of its power due to running an open header? I drove it into work today so I could replace the brake lines on the lift and it had no power. Right now the pipe is broken clean off at the cat and I'm hoping that is why there was no power.

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While the I6 needs some exhaust back pressure to run at it's peak, it should run okay (read not sick) if the engine is healthy. When I had my dual exhaust put on I ran it to the muffler shop about two miles away with nothing but the header and a short exhaust pipe. Ran fine; LOUD as he!!, but no real noticible loss of power.

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