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    so my jeeps been running good, havent managed to get stuck yet=] ive been running trails in ocala for a few weeks now every weekend, the running problem is gone, took it it yesterday to the sand mines, and broke a brake line got a newone today. also my gas tank has a minor leak, I'm gonna buy a new one soon. -NASTY :popcorn:
  2. how much are they gonna cost
  3. make em like a jeep guy harvey haha.
  4. yes drain the oil first unless you wanna work with it. depending on if yours is auto or manual mine was auto so you have to take down the oil pan I'm pretty sure u have to pull the tranny off mabe, mabe not i did just incase. if so scrap all the gasket off from around the bottom of the engine, buy a new gasket. the piece ur rear main seal sits in do not drop it or get any scars in it. there should be two bolts that hold it up. in your owners manual it tells u how many pounds of pressure those bolts need i think its 80lbs. make sure you put every bolt back in haha. its not to hard, it took me like 3days because i had to keep running back to my house for tools and bolts that are stiped are a pain. if i can think of more ill post.
  5. yea i don't think it would be anything like that i did just put a rear main seal in but i don't think that would do it
  6. since he was 99% plastic there gonna melt his body down and make him into legos so kids can play with him for a change. :dunce:
  7. i have a 1988 jeep comanche 4.0 I6 Automatic, it will crank up fine, it will idle fine and if you put it in drive it will stall out, but it will run fine in reverse. any forward positions, it will stall out if u give it gas. any tips?
  8. rebuild it like the other guy said u don't know how much the owner of that truck ran the piss out of it, or if its even broken so u could be stuck with 2 broken ones and no money. spend ur money wisely. and also good luck. :agree:
  9. My names David O'shaughnessy a.k.a SHAGNASTY 1988 jeep comanche 4x4 4.0 I6 31"
  10. DARWIN AWARDS? or just dumb cops? :dunno:
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