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The comfort setting is worthless and can actually eat more gas when trying to accelerate with it on. If you're looking to be more fuel miserly, just don't push the gas pedal so far down. :D

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And how else would I make those purdy black clouds?



About 1966 I owned an 53 chevy belair 6 cyl automatic. (yea, tellin my age!) It had the mechanical fuel pump and oil would be in the bottom half to lube the pumping mechanism. There was a diaphram between the oil area and gas area. They could develop a leak and the oil would get into the gas. If I hit a stop light in town as it turned red, and sat there with that oil building up in the cylinders, and punched it when the light turned green, people behind me could not move until the smoke cleared! I could fill up the local A&W with oil smoke real easy! Glad I got it fixed before someone decided to get angry! :brows:

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i wanna find a dieseal motor for the comanche

wasn't it a 2.2L they had has an option for the MJ's


It was a 2.1L turbo diesel. I believe the only way to get it was to specifically request it from the dealership, and there were not even 20 made in the entire country. JeepcoMJ's Dad has one and I've ridden in it. :brows:

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