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  1. So i have decided to swap a 350 in it. A buddy of mine is going to sell me one cheap. i remember seeing a write up some where i just don't know if it was on here. oh well ill take lots of pics. but I'm on the look out for another mj so we will see where it goes.... N.O.T.G.
  2. i don't know dude all of the guys up here at my shop are trying to convince me to put a 350 in it. i don't know what I'm going to do yet. :wall:
  3. so i was driving last night and when i got back to my shop my truck took a big old dump on me. white smoke came pouring out frome everywhere and it had started to knock real bad. and i was so defeated that I'm thinking about just selling it and getting rid of all of my problems. but then the other half of me has always wanted a comanche and makes me want to keep it. i have come to the conclusion that i bought the worst type of comanche (2.8 2wd) because the only drop in swaps are another 2.8 and a 3.4. What should i do guys?
  4. well my rear axle is a d35 i havent checked the front yet and probably won't till tomorrow.
  5. well I'm like 75% positive that my mj has a d35 but it doesnt a tag so I'm not sure. I'm going to puta new gasket on both diffs pretty soon so when i do that i will count the gears. are there any tricks to making it any easier or is it just dive in and plow through?? Thank you for all of the help guys. N.O.T.G.
  6. well my truck is an 86 so i think the firewall is not the right shape. i have the donor vehicle in my shop so i have everything i need as far as wiring and computer and such. i have the axles and everything. so how doable is this swap
  7. ok so i have a 4.0 from an 87 cherokee with a tranny and transfer case. i would like to know how hard would i be to swap that in place of my 2.8? has anyone done it? is it worth it? i know its going to take a BFH but what if i took the fire wall out of the cherokee and put it in place of my fire wall? questions concerns ideas?? N.O.T.G.
  8. ok so i just need to do your fix and i won't even have to worry about it anymore??
  9. that is exactly what it is. now what does it do??
  10. well thanks for all of the help guys i finally got it to move forward enough with a BFB so I'm just hooking up brake lines. i do have one question though. on the new front axle there is something right next to the LCA mount there is a cylinder thing with something that lookis like a vacuum line and two lines hoses that stick out towdards the back. i can't post a pic of it but i really would like to know what it is.
  11. so i started swapping the front axle into my truck last night and i got all of the control arm bolts in except the lower one on the passenger side i can't get the holes to line up at all. any suggestions??
  12. we were talking about transmissions then you answered that question now I'm asking another. is it worth the swap will i be able to run 35s?
  13. well I'm open to any suggestions. we have already takled about the motor and i do want to replace it but i just don't know with what.
  14. ok and how would one go about figuring out what axle they have if there is no tag on the diff??/
  15. ok so now next question. what manual trannys will work with my 2.8??
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